Tuesday, October 04, 2005


October unleashed

It is known as the month for Halloween, but many more celebrations take place in October. Here are a few.

Oct. 6 is Music vs. Noise Day
The new electronic-music boon explained by John Ingram on Cotolo Chronicles. Neil Wieser will co-host and contribute to the youth's view of digital culture.

Oct. 9 is Moldy Cheese Day
Followed this year for the first time by Sour Milk Day and Rotten Egg Day

Oct. 11 is It's My Party Day
Thousands of parties are held across the country, all ending with the ceremonial burnings of Leslie Gore-like scarecrows.

Oct. 13 is We Love Leigh Silver Day
Lovely, talented Leigh Silver is the Chronicles’ guest. An update on up-and-coming stardom.

Oct. 18 is No Beard Day
Thousands of people being used to cover up the crimes of others celebrate today by revealing themselves.

Oct. 20 is Tend To Your Curiosity Day
And Dr. Gary Popoli tells us just what makes it all so curious on Chronicles.

Oct. 21 is Babbling Day
Blah, blah, blabbo, blech, blah, yadda, yadda, blah, blah

Oct. 25 is Punk For A Day Day
Wear a colorful safety pin in your cheek to let people know you are in on the celebration.

Oct. 27 is Legs Forever Day
First-time guest and long-time friend Laura Legs reports from Hollywood on the state of the state of the business. She is exclusive to Chronicles.

Oct. 28 is Plush Animal Lover's Day
The “L” is a typo. It is really “Push,” so give a good shove to anyone today who admits to loving an animal and remember, it is still illegal in every state except Alabama.

Oct. 31 is Increase Your Psychic Powers Day
You should already know what to do.

And …
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