Monday, October 31, 2005


Meaningless words, meaningful numbers

Every day, like clockwork, if you will, I get an email offering me a good deal on “replica” watches. They claim to offer Rolex and Patek and Cartier and other popular, high-class brands. I have never clicked the “click-here” link for a few reasons. First, I am still suspect to any bulk email, especially one that is, let’s face it, spam. Next, and more importantly, I hate watches, real or replica.

However, what cracks my whip is not being on this random list (I delete every one instantly), is the strange prosaic code that is entered on the bottom of every ad. Here is one of them:

I am certain of it. I have only to tell her so, and she is sure and drew little nosegays and likenesses of me and Jip, all over theDora. To my amazement she was sobbing on my neck. Not well, my went off together to the lodging which Mr. Micawber occupied as Mr. have tried to find out what nature and accident really had made me, Ten pound, you see. And wrote inside, From a true friend, like shook hands with him again, and laughed rather childishly. another; ship-owners, excited and uneasy; children, huddling

Always in 7.5-point type, strange and meaningless patches of prose are always on the bottom of these ads. Does anyone out there know why? Please email this blog if you have an answer. Your name will be kept secret from the disclosure if you happen to be a spammer or someone with a briefcase full of U.S. dollars from a Nigerian bank.

Next, continued thanks to the growing numbers of people reading this blog throughout each week. The numbers, according to Cybernet Quest, a tally-taker, readership is up 400 percent since March, 2005. Since there is no other promotion for this blog other than the show itself, I cannot wait to see how much more our program has grown on the internet and in the podcast world. It makes me want to continue to chronicle.

A big, big, big and I mean big announcement is poised to be made about a future C-Chronicles, so keep checking in here and into the program.

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