Tuesday, October 11, 2005


The burn factor

It is officially Fire Prevention Week and you can help preventing fires, especially if you are a pyromaniac.

Fire Prevention Week is not just a week we are asked not to start fires, it is a week we are asked to tell others not to start fires and teach them how to stop fires from starting. Stopping anything from starting is a good way to prevent anything from happening, since when something starts it happens. And when something happening is a fire no one wanted to have started, then trouble isn’t far behind.

That’s right, this is really Fire-we-don’t-want Prevention Week, because we don’t want to prevent the fires we want and actually need. Fire, after all, can be friend or foe. Foe fires can hurt and sometimes kill, so let’s call this Foe Fire Prevention Week and be done with it.

The first tip to not starting a foe fire is easy. Don’t play with matches. I don’t mean things that like one another, although matches that burn usually look alike and come in a book. Not a book you read, although sometimes there are things to read on a book of matches. The point is, these are not toys, they are sticks that burn and can start foe fires. So don’t play with them. Use a lighter. Of course a lighter has fluid in it that can start a foe fire. So don’t play with lighters, either.

Another good tip is to try not to carry a torch. I don’t mean a feeling for someone you still love that now hates you and has a happier life living with someone else. I mean a piece of wood that is on fire at one end. If it was on fire at both ends I don’t see how you could carry it. You would get burned.

That is the whole point here, really, on Foe Fire Prevention Week. Don’t do anything that will get you burned or anyone else burned or that will burn something you need or want. Just be careful.

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