Thursday, October 13, 2005


All that glitters is Silver

Over the past few weeks Apple has continued to sensationalize on the popularity of iPods. Things are moving faster than Clancy's nuts in this department, as the nano iPod appears and the newest iPod, one that includes video.

In this quick-moving climate, we turn to Leigh Silver, our up-and-coming starlette who is thriving and striving in this neck-breaking pace. Our Oct. 13 program turns to Leigh for answers ...

What is ahead? A world more open to more talent and ambition or a world with so many details that no one can put together a complete thought?

Be afraid, be very afraid. Or celebrate. Beats me. So come on in at 9 p.m. EST for the network/podcast program and if you come early, we are there at 8 p.m. with The Dressing Room Hour.

9 p.m. EST Thursdays
Check the following stations for broadcast times and avilability

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