Friday, September 30, 2005


Waiting for Reigot

The recent praise we presented for author Betty Polisar Reigot while reading from her book, Wake Up, It’s Night, led, of course, to further research. There was no way, we assumed, that such a talented writer could have produced only one work (a work that provided Cotolo Chronicles with one more cry for awareness—the very title).

So off we went up and down the hallowed halls of Google and what did we find? A treasure trove of books by Ms. Reigot. It turns out that Betty (whose husband and friend is Jack Reigot), is or was very busy authoring what, on the surface, were some informative and clearly simple English-filled books concerning Nature.

A Book About Planets And Stars is one of her fine works. It is billed as “Information about our solar system and the stars beyond.” No frills and no space-age jargon, it is the guts of what anyone needs to know about planets and stars (and there are things we all need to know about them, even if we are not intellectuals).

Wolves is another paperback prize Ms. Reigot wrote. What metaphors must adorn the bright and poetic prose this educational masterpiece presents. I am in search of all she has written to be put into my library. To think that finding her works was nearly the stuff that ashes are made from. Had I not opened the box of books earmarked for the burn pile, life would have taken a different course.

Questions And Answers About Bees, Space Traveler: To Space And Back On The Shuttle, and Beyond The Traditional Family: Voices Of Diversity also adorn the list of Reigot’s works. Our search will continue to learn more about her and, if she is still alive, to get her as a guest on our program. So hunt on your own. Who knows, you may have one of her books stuffed between two volumes of an encyclopedia or two overwritten best selling novels that are gathering dust. Well, wake up, it’s night!

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