Thursday, August 04, 2005


The night has a thousand ears

The mind boggles at the possible subjects to arise on the Aug. 4 program. Just how many make it on the bill remains to be heard. At 9 p.m. (EST) you can hear the mind as it brews its boggling blend …

Dangerous monkeys on the rampage in Puerto Rico … Blogs are being born at a Biblical rate … Cocoanut Grove doomed …China Digital keeps scam alive … Mars will not look normal in the sky this year … Napster’s incarnation is as the opposite of its original character … Who is Waldon Waldo Robert Cassotto? … The dirtiest joke ever proves the world is still afraid of words … Digital screens a money issue in the theater world … Who was Frances Gumm? … Why will everyone soon want a Gibson guitar? … The Von Ronk voice echoed in prose …

Oh goodness, that is without touching the soundtrack of my mind, which launches sidebars and soundscapes from the past. Do be with us to be dubious with us …

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