Friday, August 12, 2005


It's the list you can do

Thanks again to Paul Williams for an engaging trip into pop culture and a further examination into the fiber of our individuality. By the way, my 20th-century-greatest-hits-list is coming along well. I will soon be writing some essays on each entry and I continue to encourage all of you to send in your lists. E-mail them to and I will forward them to the author of the book, Mr. Williams, who asked to see all that are sent.

Also, following up on the e-mail scam about buying stock, the suggested stock we are following, China Digital Media, has dropped to $2.13, having gone up no further than $3.20 from the projected $7 to $8. So, tank city, friends. Don’t be listening to stranger’s e-mails touting stocks. Even though we have no idea what they get out of the tout, there is no evidence of reputable source in this spray-and-pray gimmick.

And, anyone who can prove that Mars will be bright in the night sky soon, displayed in a spectacle as we have never seen it before, then prove it, because I am tired of getting e-mails about this “upcoming event” and seeing nothing about from any news source.

Now, here is a link to one of our favorite blogs -- J-Walk Blog Link Experiment. I cannot link to the article specified (I still don’t know how to post a graphic on a blog), so just go to the blog and read up a storm.

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