Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Public responses

Here are a few recent comments sent in by listeners. If I have a response to a comment, it appears below the comment in italics. I always respond, if I respond at all, in italics. The doctor recommends this, even though serious side effects can present themselves. The introduction you are reading, however, is not in italics, per section 3E.56 of the Introduction Code, limiting the use of italics in blogs.

Sorry this comment is late, my internet was down for a week. Is Intercourse, Pennsylvania close to your neck of the woods? Do your woods have a head connected to the neck? You program makes me feel like I need to go to Intercourse. –Colleen, Mich.

Your internet? Is that anything like my internet and the internet that we all use? If not, how can I get my own internet?

I really enjoyed your interview with Van Dyke Parks! What a delightfully real guy. A lot of great stories and info I was not aware of. He should write a book. Thanks for bringing this to us. –Kirk, Fla.

Your message echoes many we have heard about his appearance on the show. We hope to have him back, as he is a bastion of inspiring thoughts.

I have 10 or 15 orgasms most nights but never when listening to your show. I honestly get mad if my boyfriend demands one while I am listening. It's like my boyfriend is listening too hard or something. –Jennifer, N.M.

I am glad that you put your pleasures aside when you listen. As for your boyfriend, he cannot help it, you are too beautiful and tempting.

How long until we can no longer send in our Best of the 20th Century lists? –Ed, Miss.

Paul Williams is scheduled to be on the show Aug. 11, so you can send all of your lists by then. We will do more than one show on this topic, so if you are still compiling your lists, send them, whenever, to .

Was the quickly made balloon dog rabid, or did your proof reader fall asleep on the job? –Sherry, S.C.

If you are referring to what I think you are referring to then yes, the dog was rabid. But you have to remind yourself that balloons made quickly usually do not make dogs sick.

Love your show. --Herbert, Alaska

No other podcast as long as yours is worth the download because your two hours goes by faster than Clancy’s nuts. –Connie, N.J.

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