Thursday, July 07, 2005


Do the Ripe thing

On our July 7 show, as the tail of a hurricane pelts the area, we deliver what we promised. Nothing short of an Act of God will stop the broadcast, with our guests Christa, Jessica and Leia, that trio of talent and beauty from the group, Ripe.

Live from New York City, where the turf is nowhere near the surf, the gals will talk about new projects, new feelings, new waves and nuances, the kinds that make this trio so special.

I admit to having a crush on these women since I was ten (or acted that way). A specialist from Budapest treated my crush with raw apples and Japanese Beetle extract. From there I sought a Voodoo remedy. Point is, I am not cured and still cannot stand in a room with these three girls without having to sit in a chair with a paper bag over my head. But you would too if you engaged yourself in the sirens’ songs they sing. A new CD from Ripe is on the horizon, as well as a movie project or two.

The hurricane is not named Jess, Leia or Chris. It is called Cindy and it is sweeping north, though it weakens as it travels.

Our program meteorologist, Less Pussward, says, “Heavy rain is on the horizon, although it is not the same horizon where the Ripe CD is now. Thunderstorms are expected around show time or later if the storms come after 11 p.m. in the east, which is the focus of this forecast. Up to two inches of rain will fall, because it cannot go upward, and flooding in some areas will be caused by an accumulation of rain that has nowhere to drain. If you look at the weather map for today you will see low pressure systems, blotches of yellow and red and some long blue and red lines with thorns.”

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