Friday, July 22, 2005


Catching up, cooling off

Some follow up from the July 21 program …

Anyone with information confirming the alleged appearance of Mars in the August skies, please do so by contacting .

More on astronaut Ed Mitchell’s venue, Uncle Al’s Time Capsule by clicking here. You can even see a picture of Uncle Al.

Things are coming to many heads in the continuing on-line novel The Complete and Unabridged History of Japan so get on over and catch up on the text. Click on the title and when you get there, check the archives for past episodes.

Do the best you can to keep cool as summer hits dead center this weekend. Replenish your precious bodily fluids every chance you get with the beverages of your choice. Do what you can to keep yourself healthy. There are too many things out of your control to provoke the alternative, so put the odds on your side.

Oh I do love a good dose of Cotolo Chronicles it's like a drug. Is this what Huey Lewis was talking about in the 80's...
Summer? where?? Certainly not here in the UK... then again, we generally get decent weather when we're least expecting it... I'll drink to the replenishing of PBF though!

Oh great, the south of England has just declared a drought - and it's raining HARD there... don't bother trying to figure that one out otherwise we'll be here all week...

Other News: Audio Coffee demands Frank linkylinky to cos there's a link there to here (how d'ya think I got here?!)

Ok, I said enough.. time to see where the summer went!! Catch y'all Thursday night fer da show!
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