Friday, May 13, 2005


You will be fine ... I think

Now, getting through today. Normally, on Friday the 13th, people become superstitious, even if they don’t put any stock into such things. The day has a stigma, a mystery, an enigma, a reputation, a legend … all the things that make people suspicious, no less superstitious. Lots of people ask me what the difference is between being suspicious and being superstitious and I say, “What the %&@* do I know?” Then, people ask me why I speak to them in typewriter symbols.

Still, it is one of the few Fridays during a year when the number 13, unlucky in its own legendary status, falls on a Friday. The combination is lethal, according to some. Others could care less. But heeding the warning and warning of the heeding is not a bad idea today. Not that today yearns for any good ideas; it doesn’t. But along comes another excuse for any of us to blame a sorrowful event upon. Friday the 13th is an excuse, then, for many of us to use as an excuse.

The best advice I can give any and all of you who would like to have the best advice, is to go through today as if no number or combination of day and month day number can affect you. In fact, defy it. Walk in traffic. Pinch a policeman on the behind. Find a ladder and stand under it while blowing raspberries. You will find out quickly that susperstition is bunk and suspicion is not warranted and that the sale of hockey masks does not increase on Friday the 13th. Some one is trying to scare you. It ain’t me. I love you. Have a great Saturday the 14th and Sunday the 15th. I will keep my fingers crossed that you do.

And ... I have been in touch with Walter Stewart, who could not show up as our guest on May 12 due to a personal emergency, and he will be on the show again, soon. So stay tuned to the blog for announcements about that appearance.

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