Monday, May 09, 2005


This is the week that is

Well, as spring paints the air, we the living have another week to plunder. One week at a time, I say, and so we look at this week on a number of levels.

Want a few good but highly fictionalized news stories? Check out The Spoof, especially some stories by yours truly.

Are you up to date on The Complete and Unabridged History of Japan? The archives are still there and volume two is heating up. This novel presents a new chapter every other day, weekends not included.

May 23 is the live internet concert from Henry Morgan and The High Grass Boys. That Monday night you get an entire hour’s worth of music as the boys (Larry Michelich, Kevin Proctor, John Amato and me) present a free show. It will debut at Ampcast dot com’s Cool Noise Radio program and then be available elsewhere. Free, free, free. If you want to pay money for something, check out the CD Baby page for Hunting.

Walter Stewart will be the guest on the show this Thursday. More about that as the week ensues, which weeks will do.

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