Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Talking with Mr. Williams

The inimitable Paul Williams, author, philosopher and the godfather or modern rock journalism, returns as a guest on our May 26 program.

Paul has a new book out, called Bob Dylan - The Genius of a Performing Artist, Volume 4. Believe me, if you believe no one else, that whether or not you care for Bob Dylan as an artist, performer, songwriter or whatever he might be called, you will enjoy and learn much about “performing artists” when you read this book.

Paul’s other works are equally and sometimes more provocative and enlightening. He has written books on practical philosophy and science fiction. He is the founder of the famous, influential Give Peace A Chance, from John Lennon’s storied past. Indeed, Paul is a living piece of pop legend and one of the kind that “they just don’t make no more.” So be with us at 9 p.m. EST for the live, network program.

Or listen to the rebroadcast on selected stations in the list below. Or pick up the podcast over the weekend.

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