Monday, May 23, 2005


Boys will be High Grass Boys

What a great way to start a week—with a free on-line concert by a musical group featuring my alter-ego, along with John Amato, Larry Michelich and Kevin Proctor. Yes, of course I am talking about the May 23 event, Henry Morgan and The High Grass Boys Live at Stony Creek, available to everyone who can stream sound on a computer any where on God’s green Earth (and regardless of what ecologists tell you, this Earth still is very green).

What is normally Cool Noise Radio, a music program hosted by High Grass Boys’s (HGB) drummer Michelich on Ampcast, will be an hour-long set of live music from the band, starting at 9 p.m. EST. The set will be made up of mostly HGB tunes from their two CDs, one cover, by singer/songwriter Rachel Page, and a few new songs, one co-written by HGB son-in-residence, Jack Cotolo.

A splendid time awaits fans and new listeners to the musical world of HGBs. This concert is one of a series that the group will present for broadcast, rebroadcast and podcast. So keep yer ears open for announcements about all of it. HGB make a lot of noise while breaking new ground for independent performers.

Thanks to everyone who met me at the Marriot Hotel over this past weekend. I don’t often get out in public like that, but if you people are going to continue to bring me presents and shower me with complements, then I may do more. Sure, that one apple that bounced off my neck was hard and it hurt, but most of the people were not so aggressive and hateful. I ‘preciate it.

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