Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Talking it up

On the April 28 program we spar with Dell Computers’ telemarketing department. Join Veronica, Mike and me as we go around the mulberry bush.

Also, a brief memorial for Lucien Carr, one of the essential characters of the Beat Generation.

Ray Cotolo will be by to discuss the legacy of the show, in that he may take over in twenty some-odd years. And believe me, they would be some odd years, all right.

Coming up on the show –

May 5 – Dusty Nathan is the guest on our special Kentucky Derby program. Two days before the world’s most coveted horse race, Dusty and I plunder the history, handicapping and hoorah of this marvelous event.

May 12 – Walter Stewart is our guest. A quiet man who cast a large shadow in the music industry over the years, Mr. Stewart will talk about his days of wine and roses and how the music industry today survives the new arena of product and presentations.

May 19 – Hold onto your seats, Leigh Silver is with us and she has a report from the indie world through the eyes of the young and the beautiful. This talented and beautiful woman will enlighten us once more with what it takes to continue on the road to success.

May 26 – The great Paul Williams returns to talk more about his particular blend of philosophy that has influenced thousands of rock critics, journalists, fans and even artists over the years. The father of Crawdaddy magazine in conversation with the bastard of radio.

It's 9 p.m. EST, live. Check the affliates list for live or rebroadcast time.

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