Friday, April 01, 2005


Some reminders for the weekend

Thanks again to Chris Costello for her visit to the show. We will be talking more with Chris as the 100th anniversary of Lou Costello’s birthday—which we hope to cover next March exclusively for our network and podcast—as the festivities develop. Meanwhile, check out Abbott and Costello collectables.

Time again to vote at Podcast Alley for Cotolo Chronicles. Drop by this link -- and give us a vote for April’s standings. Gonna be a great month of guests, topics and fun with cooked noodles. Your vote helps us become exposed to new listeners and downloaders.

For those who have asked again about the book I read from during the Dressing Room Hour of the show on March 31, it is The Air Conditioned Nightmare by Henry Miller and it should be available at Amazon.

We apologize for any problems ignited by our difficulties recording the March 31 network hours and hope to have all problems solved by next week's live broadcast. Have a great weekend.

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