Thursday, April 07, 2005


Paul Williams returns

Hey ‘net radio enthusiasts and iPodders, it’s time for another trip (and I mean trip) through the rock of ages and walk in the zen of it all with the founding father of modern rock journalism, Paul Williams. On the April 7 show, our favorite friend of culture and founder of Crawdaddy magazine, joins us again by phone from his quiet abode in California.

Paul’s new book is Bob Dylan—Mind Out Of Time, a volume connected to his treatise on the performing artist, as seen through Dylan. Paul is also the author of many books involving practical philosophy, which I encourage everyone to address. You can get all of these at Paul’s Web home page.

We are sorry to hear that our friend Tyler and his Planet Radio/The Box station has pulled the plug. These are tough times for this new medium, which is going through its life stages faster than a skunk in a Chinese noodle factory.

We do welcome another pioneer, however, to Web radio and as an affiliate. deserves a look by any and all indies. Sean is launching his ship and bringing our show along for the journey.

Our other affiliates are (and please check for live or rebroadcast status by clicking on the link and reading what each station has to offer)—

9 p.m. EST Thursdays

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