Friday, April 22, 2005


Matt, Nicky and Jolie lips

Thanks again to Matthew Mungle for being a guest on our April 21 show and being the first Oscar-winner ever to appear on an internet broadcast. I challenge anyone to defrock that statement.

I admit I was wrong about Nicole Kidman. Now I am a fan of her acting as well as she has become more beautiful since I have realized what a great actress she is and since, of course, she left Tom Cruise. There, I said it.

I admit, also, that I visit fan sites for Angelina Jolie. Even though my wife has the same brand of lips. What am I, drunk?

Back to Matt. He will be on our show again when he is at liberty to talk about his new movie projects. He is sworn to secrecy about them now, as I am about my movie project and my autobiography. Other than that, he and I have little in common. Unless you figure in that we agree Matt should have used silicone and not gelitin on James Woods’ face in Ghosts of Mississippi. I still cannot figure how a man of Matt’s talent goofed that deal up.

Please check the affiliates’ list below for rebroadcasts of the show. See ya on Monday.

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