Monday, April 04, 2005


Looking ahead, just a bit

With the Pope dead and a new Pope poised to take position, the new week looks brightly at us in all hemispheres. What will we do to make this week best for our lives, our children’s lives and our children’s children’s lives?

Think about that and allow the burden to heavily lean on your pleasures. And, think of better times, like the coming Thursday, April 7, when Paul Williams returns as a guest to Cotolo Chronicles.

This is a good time, also, to hit the Web and catch up on The Complete and Unabridged History of Japan, a novel in the making at Indie Journal Daily. Why wait until it is a major motion picture? Read the prose.

And welcome to Baseball for 2005. Steroids or not, this is a great sport, a ballet for men, a rite of spring. Abner Doubleday was no fag, in any definition of that word. He knew that smacking a hardball with a long, thick piece of wood could be a metaphor for male determination. So even if you have to dig into your bank accounts for the money, try to go to at least seven baseball games live this year. If you don’t have a son to take, ask someone who does. Or take your girlfriend (but not if your wife wants to go). Or go alone.

And get better Neil Young.

I look forward to the Paul W interview. Great guest...
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