Wednesday, March 16, 2005


'The spring is near when green geese are a-breeding'

Cotolo Chronicles is presenting some shows over springtime that everyone will want to hear . More details about each week will ensue as the days grow closer, but for now, here is a teaser.

Live guests will include Chris Costello (March 24), the daughter of comedic legend Lou Costello; Paul Williams, renowned rock journalist and author returns (April 7); and Professor Lawrence Lessig, guru of digital copyrights discusses intellectual properties (April 14).

And we aren’t done booking guests for a series of spring shows that lift the bar of the Internet talk format. Great entertainment and cultural news make our show unique and—dare I say it—underground material. Speaking of which …

If you enjoy our program, please go to and vote for us every month, helping the program continue to get exposure in an ever-growing podcast market. We are right up there in the Cultural/Political genre and want everyone to know that podcasts have an alternative listening product. Thanks in advance for any support you provide. Keep checking this blog, as we will regularly update the guest list and the station list.

Happy mid-week. See you here tomorrow.

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