Wednesday, March 02, 2005


Podders' field

On March 3, Frank Nora will be our guest.

Frank Nora may not be a household word, like spoon or toaster, but it might not be long before people are saying his name, my name and Jim Kloss's name with the reverence family members would use to say the name Perry Como. Why? Because the Podcast is becoming so popular that even the video market is worried and satellite radio is presented with its first actual virtual competitor.

Frank Nova hosts The Overnightscape, a 30-minute daily podcast that is becoming one of the doses of heavy downloads iPod users are injecting into their cigarette-pack sized entertainment boxes. Jim Kloss’s rants were there at the beginning of the iPod surge; Cotolo Chronicles is getting a lot of activity these days; and Nora’s program is breaking ground with a daily half-hour that is produced primarily for podders.

Check it out at his Overnightscape website, linked above. You can also stream a show every day, get archives and post on his BB. Frank is also an author and we will talk about how he markets all of this stuff, why he does it and more.

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