Monday, March 21, 2005


Moving Mondays

Good morning Monday to all of you. The blog statistics reveal that our audience picks up on Mondays. This leads us to believe that at the beginning of a week most of you need a picker upper, some positive message to help hurl you into the mainstream, which is what Monday is all about. Back to work, start a productive stream of days, make a buck, continue to build a reputation, wind a clock, roll a bum, dig a hole and all that.

So, on a week with great promise and only days before a terrific Cotolo Chronicles program, featuring special guest Chris Costello, daughter of comic icon Lou Costello, I deliver just the inspiration you need to pump yourself up for this week. Actually, I am going to lead you to places of inspiration and I am going to be objective about it all.

First, a compendium of inspiration by topic is available at . Check out the list, click a heading and see what moves you. One of the great things about inspirational messages is that there are just so many of them you are bound to find one that fits your situation. It's like trying on a hundred hats; one has to fit, eh?

Joseph Pellegrino, a fellow Italian, has a web site that may open your eyes. Check it out at and if you don’t buy that hunka stuff, click on this link-- … and you New Agers will spin in place at .

These web sites are not the best for the subject, I just chose them at random. But when it comes to inspiration, who is to say what is best, what works for who, how high the moon or what color is tea in China? Not me. So read on, young pilgrims and remember Monday will be over before you can pull the trigger.

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