Friday, March 25, 2005


More spring in the air

Let’s flow into the weekend knowing that coming up on Cotolo Chronicles in the next few springtime weeks there will be some great content.

More of Chris Costello on the March 31 show, as we poise to celebrate what would have been the 100th birthday of her famous father, Lou.

On April 7, Paul Williams returns to the show and we learn more about his antics with Tim Leary and John Lennon at the Montreal bed-in for peace, among the topics.

On April 14, Professor Lawrence Lessig talks about the “new copyright” arrangements ignited by the sharing of intellectual properties on the World Wide Web. You will learn scads about the current and future atmosphere that creators must adapt to.

On April 21 a surprise guest. In fact, just now, he or she is a surprise to me.

On April 28 we will talk with a longtime horse racing journalist (not me, though I am one also) about the world’s greatest horserace, The Kentucky Derby, which will take place the following weekend. What is all the hubbub about this event? Find out, and learn how to enjoy the expansive TV coverage.

Yes, providing life continues on a healthy trail, Cotolo Chronicles is the show to make your whispers into shouts and keep your baggage light through the strenuous journey that is life. Have a great weekend and remember there are no two ways about it, you can only go one way at a time.

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