Friday, March 04, 2005


May the odds be with you

First, thanks to Frank Nora for a great conversation on the March 3 program. Listen to The Overnightscape every day on your iPod or home computer.

Now for today’s mystery quote:
"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and f^^^^^g lies. I like the last kind the best."

To sooth some of your weekend leisure activity plans, here are some odds.

The chances of anyone being struck by lightning are 10 million to1. The chances of someone misspelling the word “lightning” are 2-1.

Hitting a hole in one twice during the same round of golf is 8 million to 1. Getting hit on the head with a swinging club by accident is 23-1. Getting hit on the head with a swinging club on purpose is 5-2.

The chance of anyone over 21 catching head lice in any given year is 100 to 1. The year, however, must be given in a period of 365 days and have the normal number of holidays and seasons. You cannot use, for instance, a Chinese calendar. Not even if you are Chinese. These odds will prevail even for Chinese people, as long as they have head hair. The chances of catching head lice if any person is bald are reduced dramatically.

The chances of a woman being color-blind are 1000-1 because women are ten times less likely than men to suffer from color blindness. So, the chances of you meeting a color-blind woman this weekend are endless, especially if you don’t leave the house.

Enjoy your life, it’s all you can really carry with you wherever you go.

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