Friday, February 04, 2005


Wow, two days of rest and fun

Well, the weekend is here again and people have been asking me about the Super Bowl. I tell them it is the last game of the professional football season. They say they know that but they don’t know which team will win. I say of course they don’t. If they did, why would they play it? By the way, it ain’t so super.

Weekend reminders include: Do not use your blow dryer while sleeping; never iron clothes while they are still on the body; do not use your vacuum cleaner to pick up anything that is burning; never attempt to swallow a pillow you sleep with; Korean kitchen knives are no good on bathroom pipes; and, of course, never use pepper spray on your own eyes.

All that in tact, I have to go call Mel Gibson now and find out about that weekend I will be spending on his new island. He has some great activities lined up, including carrying a large wooden cross for two miles and trying to hack a pair of handcuffs off of one’s ankle while locked onto a car with a leaking gas pipe.

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