Thursday, February 10, 2005


The doctor's in the house, chicky chow chow

9 p.m. EST Thursdays

On the Feb. 10 edition of Cotolo Chronicles our guest is Dr. Gary Popoli. A doctor in developmental psychology, Gary will be talking live from his lair in Maryland. Do you have children? Do you want to have children? Were you ever a child? Are you still a child? It’s time you found out.

Also, what about self-actualizing? Is this what we are all doing on the internet? Has the digital life made us less actual and more virtual? What about our vital organs? Are we in danger of becoming numb and number? The doctor is in the house, friends, and will be shooting straight from his diploma’d hip.

Plus, Feb. 10 is Chinese New Year’s Day After. It is the Year of the Rooster, 4702. For more about Chinese dragons, go to the Dragon page . Read the Chinese Zodiac . Kinga Shinnen (new year’s greetings) to you all.

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