Thursday, February 03, 2005


Dead on the mark, live on the air

9 p.m. EST Thursdays

As you plan your evening on Feb. 3, keep in mind that things you have been thinking about could be discussed on Cotolo Chronicles. This could make you want to listen. So might the following testimonials.

A recent post by Joel Pirard, indie musician, songwriter and performer, makes note of an interesting point of view. He wrote, “Frank Cotolo is an individual who has seen many things in his life, never hesitates to express his point of view, pisses people off—myself included—and yet I still like him . . . even if you don’t like him, borrow a page from his style. Say what you will, when you want, voice your ideas, shout each other down if you must, but do it in a constructive way.”

Another popular veteran of the ‘net music wars, Chris Chamblee, wrote, “We need Frank . . . always have. I find him humorous, sometimes more dead on the mark than I would ever admit . . . extremely likeable. The one thing that stands out most is if he didn't care, he wouldn't say anything. I wouldn't go as far as say'n under that gruff exterior is a big 'ol teddy bear" or nuthin' but he believes in the cause.”

A special thanks to the iPod group for over 2,000 downloads in January.

On Feb. 3, take another trip down The Hallelujah Trail with me and meet the real world, hear the active mind, understand the funny side of Earthling mentality, learn how to flip pancakes, be prepared to kill icons and take a good look in the mirror. When does Jesus bring the pork chops? Every Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST, that’s when.

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