Monday, February 28, 2005


Days of March

Here are some days of celebration to look forward to during March.

March 1 is National Pig Day and Peanut Butter Lover's Day
Years of negotiations ended in an agreement to share this day with pig and peanut butter lovers. In fact, were it not for the day being set aside for both celebrations, people might never have discovered how delicious a peanut butter and bacon sandwich can be.

March 4 is Holy Experiment Day
Today, thousands of people across the world test their faith by doing odd things to sacred objects. Use your imagination.

March 10 is Festival Of Life In The Cracks Day
Studies prove that over 80 percent of all people living on the planet in the last five decades believe life exists in the cracks. Some feel life slips through the cracks. Still, no matter how you slice it, there is a jamboree going on in those thin slivers and today’s the day you can join the fun.

March 12 is Alfred Hitchcock Day
Many people think this day is devoted to the famous movie director. It is actually a day to celebrate the life of Alfred Hitchcock, the man who popularized public autopsies.

March 15 is Buzzard's Day
It’s a good day to get a high-powered rifle and shoot any bird you think might graze on dead bodies.

March 22 is National Goof-off Day
Carry on as usual.

March 28 is Something On A Stick Day
It is amazing how many foods can be eaten on a stick but are not, mostly due to religious dogma. Today, however, everyone is allowed to eat anything off of a stick. We recommend ravioli.

March 30 is I Am In Control Day
Call me early and I will tell you what to do.

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