Monday, February 07, 2005


'Cool' night ahead; book news

Is it just me or has anyone else out there been noticing that the days are flying by faster than one can flip a nickel? Well, no matter, because Feb. 7 is Cool Noise Radio, a unique ‘net radio program that defines “alternative broadcasting.” Check it out at It starts at 8 p.m. EST. Tell ‘em Ferdinand sent ya.

There is some more news on the publication of my autobiography. Pen Puck House has made an offer to publish the book if I promise to use real names with every damaging tale I tell and those are the only tales they request I tell. “No one wants to read your praise of this actor and that musician,” said Penoir Puck, president of Pen Puck House. “All anyone wants to read about is this one was a shmuck, that one was a whore and this one was caught getting his hooks into that one in between takes. Got it?”

So, I have hired an assistant to go through my memory and find out if I have enough hideous tales to tell. Then, I will decide if I will go with the Pen Puck House offer, which includes a 56-city tour of radio and TV talk shows and a free continental breakfast in every motel where I stay during the tour.

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