Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Bouncing back with Paul Williams

All right, let's try this again. Now that our machinery is working and the chances of breaking down are reduced, Cotolo Chronicles can get to doin' what it set out to do last week.

The Feb. 24 show features an exclusive talk with Paul Williams, "Godfather of Modern Rock Journalism" and certainly one of the great interpretors of Bob Dylan over the decades. Paul is the author and founder of Crawdaddy magazine and he will be live on the phone with me on our program. Anyone who has specific questions they would like me to ask Paul can email those questions to ... Hub of the network is but you can hear the show live or rebroadcast on many stations (listed tomorrow here) and you can download it to your iPod).

It is not too late to run and buy some of Paul's great books, not all of them, of course, about the world of Dylan, but all of which present the mastery of his modern style of journalism and insight. You can buy any of them at and you have my personal endorsement, a guarantee that these are timeless presentations of a timeless mind from an era when change became king.

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