Friday, February 18, 2005


Apologies and technologies

The heavily promoted Feb. 17 Cotolo Chronicles program never saw the byte of day, so to speak, as a smoking motherboard in the main computer shut down the evening but good. Paul Williams was gracious enough about the situation and will be on the Feb. 24 program, next Thursday.

The computer went down around 716 p.m., and all attempts to get it running again failed worse than Clancy's nuts. When my computer doctor opened the tower, he said, "This thing smells worse than Clancy's nuts." We saw the damage immediately. The burned diode, the charred plugs, the little metal chip holders shmeared along the surface looking more useless than Clancy's nuts. Oh the new technology.

We are in repair now and I am writing from a wind-up computer housed in my boiler room for emergencies. I apologize to all of the show's affiliates and audience and everyone who helped promote the program, even though the terrible breakdown had nothing to do with me or anything I ever did (karma shmarma).

Have a great weekend and remember that we are like cats--no matter what happens we will wind up on our feet, as well as we will leave any room faster than Clancy's nuts.


Hey you were missed but Radio X had some great material with jiggy talkin to Mr. Rogers ...

Hope you get your computer fixed quickly ...

Radio X / Independent Radio
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