Wednesday, February 09, 2005



This week, Chronicles welcomes Extreme Radio and Radio X to its affiliates list.

Extreme Radio is a blast-a-minute metal- and hard-rock station based in Bolton, Lancashire, about 15 miles from Manchester in northwest of Great Britain. This is not that far from my former residence in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The station’s format fits the dynamics of our program like a pair of black leather pants. It is all in “the attack,” and we hope to continue the slam and with the planet’s loudest Internet radio. Our thanks to Nigel for his great work there.

Radio X is headquartered on these shores, in Lebanon, Ohio. It is Lebanon’s only alternative radio station and if ever Lebanon needed one, now is the time. Charles has the place cooking 24/7 and is seeing that it grows locally and internationally. I am happy to be coming from America’s great Midwest through Radio X.

Live or rebroadcast, listeners have more choices than ever to catch Cotolo Chronicles and join us on our trek down The Hallelujah Trail. If you are new to this program, check out a recent attempt to explain what happens during the program’s two hours:

Cotolo Chronicles
Radio veteran Frank Cotolo returns to the airwaves after almost two decades to put the internet community in its place. This isn't just any old talk show, it's a roller coaster for the ears and senses. Frank takes matters of the new technology apart, digit by digit, turns the indie business and pleasure communities upside down and addresses contemporary topics with a fiery flick of a tongue and a torrid turn of a phrase. Humor, controversy, honesty and audacity are weapons he uses with dead accuracy.

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