Friday, January 21, 2005


Sound advice

We apologize to the audience and to the guest, Big Bob, for some sound problems with the phone interview in our Jan. 20 program. It was new hardware put to use and should not have failed. Our crack team of production men, headed by Earl Bendwire, is now looking into the problems. Earl’s immediate analysis is that the output was too low. He has had a meeting already with output specialist Beany McVendor, who was quick to mention that when a voice over the phone is too low, few people on the other end can hear it.

Our ancient methods of presenting phone guests are now in question. We need to address the problem. One suggestion for addressing was to use 657 Hawtmerger Avenue. However, we doubt if the problem will receive much mail or need a place to park its car, so we will take another perspective. We will prevail, though, over the technological challenge facing all inexpensive ‘net broadcasts when it comes to having guests via phone. Also, the Firthwill 3000-KX system that failed on Jan. 20 is being sent back to the Firthwill & Gladstone Company with an ugly note of disappointment, that note smeared with dried, sticky jelly.

The remainder of the program is sound-perfect, so don't be discouraged. We will have Mr. Big Bob on again when our phone problems are rectified, if not fixed. Nothing left now but to say have a great weekend and remember to ask a friend, relative or passing stranger about "Clancy's nuts" and email me at with what you find out.

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