Thursday, January 20, 2005


Motherboard's little helper

9 p.m. EST Thursdays

Welcome new affiliates, The Wolf Radio and Indie Artist Radio. Both are re-broadcasting Chronicles. Check their web sites (list above) for time and the weather in their area as well as their great programming schedule.

On the Jan. 20 show, listeners will hear Big Bob, a man who knows his way around a computer, some say, better than a crocodile in a tub of cooked oatmeal. His weekly program on ‘net radio helps tons of people (yes, we have weighed his audience) and on our show he may tell us the secrets of the motherboard.

Some other things are planned but things can change and often do change, so surprise topics, guests and even an epiphany or two might be expected. Your Thursday night entertainment agenda is not complete unless you get the beverage of your choice, launch your browser (nothing personal, there) and prepare to walk, stroll, run, saunter, skip and wander down the Hallelujah Trail.

And for those of you who feel me or my show threatens your mental health, visit the Sandstorm Institute for Finer, Healthier Mental and Spiritual Existence. Ask for Dr. Hal Morebones. He will help you settle those fiery emotions and the angst you are experiencing from any connection to the host of this show.

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