Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Julia poised to speak; Stillworth very still now

When the Jan. 13 Chronicles hits the cyber waves, our broadcast will be available in more places than you can snap a whip on a Ferris wheel. Radio 306 Dot Com joins the live stream, as does any station wishing to pick up the show as a rebroadcast from IAR Networks. We welcome all new stations and their dedicated audiences.

What a great time to join the network, since our scheduled guest is a cherished catch on any show, no less an Internet show. Julia Solis will talk about her books, her photography and art as a way of life. I am more excited than a blowfish in a twine factory about talking with her but I am even more excited that she will share this conversation with all of our listeners (that’s right, everyone who listens can share).

Everyone connected to Chronicles thanks Rob Stillworth for the recent piece he wrote about our show (it will be released on the web, in print and elsewhere soon, we are told). Mr. Stillworth writes that Chronicles “lifts the new medium over the heads of most who merely dabble in broadcasting, as it is now presented with the new technology.” He also writes that the host “is aggressive with a powerful stance, defining his positions clearly and with enough humor to make a listener understand he is not full of himself or drowning in his own self-importance.”

Stillworth died shortly after he wrote the piece but thank the fates he managed to edit and send it off to his publishers before the unfortunate accident (a piano fell from a fifth-story window as Stillworth sauntered by below; most people thought pianos were not moved in this manner any longer and so did Stillworth; however, they are and he was crushed). Our sympathy goes out to the three whores Stillworth lived with and his brother, currently on Death Row in Illinois.

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