Monday, January 31, 2005


February's eve

As another full-blown week has started, I spend a bit of time divorcing myself from the details of this fleeting enterprise. I ponder and stroll about the grounds of my homestead and as you may well know, to ponder and stroll at the same time takes pure circus-act talent. But here it is, “last day in January, February’s eve,” as a great urban poet once put it. And what do we have to show for this year? Why must we show anything? Who is looking that we feel the need to show?

Well, let’s move on and hope that people come to their senses. Hell, maybe they should come to my senses. Maybe the government should do a census and count the number of people who need to come to their senses. Or is all that moot? And just why is the word moot so underused when, in fact, more things are, by definition, moot, than they are important.

Regardless of all this, our program this week has much promise. We re-welcome Crystal One Radio (after difficulties marred our debut last week) and we welcome Radio X.

In the meantime, smile and head into February, a month that was once referred to as “the second month of the year.”

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