Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Coming soon, confirming later

Chronicles is gearing up for some big guest shows, one of which features the magnificent artist, Julia Solis. On Jan. 13, Ms. Solis will be on the phone live to talk about her art and all things art-related. Peruse the web sites http://www.darkpassage.com and http://www.newyorkunderground.org/ just to get a glimpse of her marvelous, important works. Don’t miss this conversation. It could change your life, which, let's face it, needs some attention.

Other guests in January are now being confirmed. When they are confirmed, the blog will confirm the confirmation so you can confirm your commitment to listen. You may wish to visit your eyes-ears-nose-and-throat specialist first to be sure you are running on all cylinders and able to hear without obstruction.

For a list of some people who will not be on the show this year or any, please write to us and send a SASE for a reply. That list will not be posted in this blog for fear of becoming involved in lawsuits with the parties listed. It is a rumor, we confirm, that Witlowe Summerbath will be taking over the show in 2006. I mean, really, Summerbath Chronicles? What kind of name is that?

Check this blog tomorrow and the day after for news on the Jan. 6 program. If your computer crashes, call a friend, ask him or her to check the blog for you. Should the two of you feel having sex is necessary first, by all means, go for it. If you become ill and need immediate attention, just get better by Thursday night at 9 p.m. EST and find a working computer.

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