Friday, December 10, 2004


Weekend rules

This weekend, have fun but please play by the rules. Here are the rules, in case you have lost track of the game:

1. Take three steps back if you land on a black space.
2. Do not roll your dice with sticky hands.
3. If you are the banker, give yourself an extra five hundred dollars and advance to St. Ho's Place.
4. Doubles don't count.
5. If you purchase a property, do an informercial.
6. Please don't eat the daisies.
7. Keep your opinions to yourself but never hold your tongue if you are on the witness stand.
8. Stay clear of all exploding objects.
9. Do not meditate if you have an upset stomach.
10. If you love someone, let them go. If they don't want to go, force them out.
11. Hide from the police.
12. Never skip a space when turning a corner, even if you rolled a double.
13. Do not pass the ball in a forward motion.
14. Wager wisely.
15. Carry your ID card with you at all times and if you are stopped and asked for identification, deny who you are at first. Then, when pressed at gunpoint, smile and take out your ID card, saying, "Only kidding" while searching for your keys.
16. Keep watching the skies.

Have a great one.

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