Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Speaking to one and all

Soliloquy -- A dramatic or literary form of discourse in which a character talks to himself or herself or reveals his or her thoughts.

Could there be a better description of Cotolo Chronicles? The program is listed on www.podcast.org as a soliloquy and I agree, believe it or not, in that categorization. Even though I do not talk to myself, I sure am talking to myself as a solo flyer, like Lindburg in that plane, eating that sandwitch he brought along.

Yes, and others will follow, you shall see.

Meanwhile, thanks to Ian Clay, Podders everywhere are downloading and listening to the latest program. And more and more stations ask to simulcast and rebroadcast the show. Not because of me. Nope. Because the message is the medium, baby. Don’t miss another episode and catch up with your iPod or at the archives at http://www.ampcast.com/chronicles .

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