Friday, December 31, 2004


Predictions for 2005

All things will remain unequal, even in theories that begin, “all things being equal.”

The phrase “don’t go there” will not be used any longer when English-speaking people all over the world begin to go there in droves.

Most electrical appliances will still not be available in wind-up versions.

Exercising will go out of style.

A federal test will be required to claim a person has created an “intellectual property.”

The first man in recorded history will become an island.

There will be hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes in areas where such atmospheric conditions apply. Some people won’t be careful and die.

The death penalty will be abolished. Slavery, however, will become law again and companies selling butlers and maids will soar in stock prices.

Salve will become a household item once more.

A distinguished world leader will die, either at the hands of an assassin or by some illness he has been fighting for a few years or suddenly from a heart attack or a stroke.

Scientists will discover that it just may be as it is in the phrase, "Be that as it may."

Buddha will return from the dead and make a public statement that he has done so by spending thousands of years trying to perfect the three-day resurrection trick that Jesus did. Jesus will then return to earth as a lawyer and sue Buddha for libel. What will ensue is the trial of the century. It will last for forty years. See next year’s predictions to follow the story.

Here's to you and yours in 2005 from Cotolo Chronicles

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