Friday, December 17, 2004


Good show, bad show and the killers

"Great show last night," one listener wrote to me about the Dec. 16 program.
"Piece of crap, as usual," wrote another listener who continues to listen although he or she calls every week's show crap.
"I had a good time," wrote another listener.
"I had a bad time," wrote another listener.
All in all, sounds like mixed reviews but what the hell. If I could please everyone I would be a motivational speaker and have a private jet and go by the name of "Tony."

There is no more to report about my proposed autobiography, other than to mention the three professional hit men who I knew have contacted me about being in the book. They offered fake names I should use when writing about them. I told them I didn't know if they would be in the book and they said they would or else I could never use the men's room at Denny's safely again. So, I will have to consider doing a chapter or so on Snakes Mulligan, Pepe Le Whack and Muscles Minestrone.

I hope you all have a fine weekend and continue to digest all food with no incident.

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