Wednesday, December 29, 2004


'...from the Spanish and Indian home of the heroes and villains'

Today, I was going to devote this blog to Benedict Arnold. His name has become associated with treason and disloyalty like no other name in history. This guy sold out our country and even more than Guy Falks in England, Benedict Arnold represents the whole concept of being a traitor.

But, I decided not to spend time writing about Benedict Arnold, the rat bastard. Instead I thought I would praise heroes. Then I thought how boring that is, really. So to hell with heroes and villains and long live our endless pursuit of that which we earn and aspire to become. Yes, you know what I mean, especially as the year ends. All we can become will not matter unless we hold our heads up and cast a long and winding shadow across the corners of the world, if not our own neighborhood.

Yes, so we count down the hours until 2005 is our new year and we hope that some time within the days of the upcoming year we can look at one another and say, "What were we thinking?" and come to the right decisions. What else do we have, if not our freedom, our angst, our common ground, our works-in-progress, our enemies, our contrasts, our delivery men, our cue tips, our daily bread, our weekly loaves, our monthly wheat? Right. Nothing. We are nothing, and forever may others be even less. So, this title quotes the immortal words of Van Dyke Parks. What could be more fitting? Certainly not your hat.

Now, onto 2005. Watch for our special predictions later this week.

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