Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Dec. 9 show highlights

9 p.m. EST, Thursday

On the Dec. 9 program, we should be talking about some copyright matters that have just hit the wall and stuck. Also, file sharers are getting some new and important support from a Pennsylvania court.

And, not last, not least and highly envigorating, we should be talking about two millionaire indies--one dead and one alive. That is, two artists who managed to get their own way with the powers that be and still produce the material they wanted and kept control over while they attracted a loyal audience over the years. Pre-digital stars here.

Oh yes, and what happened to Katie Dean? Well, we are trying to reach her again. As well, we have a scorching letter to a man with millions waiting for me overseas. Yes, another response to another email scam! This one is steamy, so put the kids to bed and put earmuffs on your mom.

All of this and more, even, from the web's fastest growing unique talk program. News, information, conversation and insubordination. A double dose of dynamite and two shakes of a molotov cocktail await everyone.

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