Thursday, December 16, 2004


Broadcast offers warning to listeners

9 p.m. EST, Thursday

The Dec. 16, Cotolo Chronicles hits the cyber airwaves again, at 9 p.m. EST. It is a dangerous night to tune in, because there could be a mob scene and that could lead to a riot. This could be the first web broadcast that results in injuries.

Tension has been building between the Chronicles’ host and members of the web community. It seems the BSUYAC (Blow Sunshine Up Your Ass Crowd) is becoming extremely upset with the host’s insisting that indies are polluting the atmosphere with rotten music, terrible use of the English language and ego-driven motivations.

A spokesman for the BSUYAC said today, “The [Cotolo] negativity is pushing buttons that no one needs pushed. He is knocking down our idols and raping our dreams with dark and realistic opinions. We don’t stand for that or anything real. He must be stopped!”

So, on the Dec. 16 program, those offended by recent comments made my the host will either boycott the show or find a way to terrorize it. This could lead to bloodshed, if not more crocodile tears.

You will tune in to the Dec. 16 Cotolo Chronicles, then, at your own risk.

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