Tuesday, October 19, 2004


SRN cuts, strikes and closes deal for broadcasting

Plunk your magic twanger, Froggy, because this week, Oct. 21, Chronicles will also be available from the Canadian homebase of SRN Mediaworks, SRN Radio 1 (see below list for link).

A masterful deal mastered by Phillip Hong has CC being rebroadcast right after it's live EST show, which is 8 p.m. in SRN land, western Canada. It will run right after the station's own The All-New Music Hour.

"Mr. Hong was easy to deal with during negotiations," said Lionel Stevroid, who makes deals for the parent company that owns, operates and threatens to destroy CC. "Mr. Hong and his superiors are fine people and they know fine broadcasting and they are brave, courageous and bold--like the lyrics in the song from The Adventures of Robin Hood, an old British television show starring Richard Greene. Cotolo has agreed to provide some exclusive segments to Radio 1 for repeated play. In those segments, Cotolo will probably not mention The Adventures of Robin Hood, an old British television show starring Richard Greene. Although you can never tell."

We are happy for this addition to our growing list of affiliates. As Sam Cooke once sang, "...what a wonderful world this would be" if CC was on a hundred stations. But Mr. Cooke did not mean that song to be about CC. He would today, if he hadn't been violently shot and killed some years ago.

9 p.m. EST, Thursday

and 8 p.m. PST, Thursday

Hi Frank ...

I've got one word for ya ... just one ... and I think it will change your life. Um, of course, I could be wrong. Er, no, actually, I am wrong. So if I tune in and hear you screaming about what a moron I am ... oh well, oh just forget it. I'm not even gonna tell you that the word was.....

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