Friday, October 15, 2004


Goodbye weekend, hello rest of the time

Our thanks and appreciation to Leigh Silver, who made our Oct. 14 show a booming success. In fact, last we looked, it was still booming. Please check out Ms. Silver's work.

Also on that show, I told everyone to play a horse named Niadhas in the third race at Belmont Park today. Yes, the horse won and paid $18.40 on every $2 bet to win on him. You're welcome. And if you didn't play it, slam your head against the wallboard and say to yourself, "I'll listen to him next time, I swear!"

My dad used to say, "The weekends go by so fast." I now know what he meant because it already feels like the upcoming weekend is over. Still, two days are ahead of us and each one may be filled with the joy of a child's heart. If only we had that child's heart our lives would be filled with joy, too.

In any event, but especially this one, keep checking in for updates to this blog and the continuing consciousness of Cotolo Chronicles as it flows, goes and blows through the souls of men tried by these times.

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