Sunday, October 24, 2004


Dear listener,

The final show of October, 2004 is up ahead; Oct. 28 to be exact. This can mean only one thing. Actually it could mean any number of things but why make a list? November is rearing its ugly head. Why is November's head ugly? Because that phrase always relates to ugly heads. No one ever says something is rearing its beautiful head.

So, November is the penultimate month of the year and this year it brings with it a Presidential election and Thanksgiving. When Thanksgiving comes, many people will not be giving thanks for the results of the Presidential election. Others will. It's that ugly head thing again, friends.

But let's not lose our attention, which should be on this program, Cotolo Chronicles, and how it affects and entertains more and more people every Thursday evening. I am writing this on Sunday and you can bet your bottom dollar that I am excited, already, about next Thursday's show. Why would I not be betting my top dollar? Why the bottom one? Maybe because it is an ugly head that is reared when a bottom dollar is wagered.

So, I will check in here again before Oct. 28 and let you know if there is anything particular you should be excited about for the Oct. 28 show. The usual stuff will suffice, and that is enough for any level-headed person to absorb. Makes you wonder, though, doesn't it? I mean, why level-heads can absorb at a greater rate than unlevel ones.


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