Wednesday, October 13, 2004


Bittersweet guest joins the flow

This Thursday night, Oct. 14 at 9 p.m. it's another trip into the vestibule of virtual voices with Cotolo Chronicles.

This week's special guest is Leigh Silver, singer, model, entertainer. Live from the West Coast, Leigh will talk to us over the phone. Catch up on her by perusing and be ready for a spirited conversation. Certainly a bittersweet one.

What else is in store? As you know, the docket can only hold so much and then it collapses, especially when subjects and topics arise, which they have a tendency to do. So it is hard for you to be prepared to listen (other than having a beverage of choice ready) and it is difficult for us to promote what might happen. Things, after all, just happen and on CC the talk can take a tender turn from this to that, that to this and to the other thing.

The ZEN nature of our program proves nothing except that no other broadcast follows the flow as does CC. This is a good thing, a natural thing. The flow is what you think, what you feel and why you exist, so some say. We don't talk over your heads or to any individual group--just to you and you alone. We have no hidden agendas. We only want to get your attention and make you think.

It's one more reason why more people choose Cotolo Chronicles over all commercial Chronicles products. And doctors agree by a margin of three to one, with a five-point margin of error. So drop all your cares and woes, say bye bye to the blackbird and listen to the program that years from now will be called, "That show which put internet broadcasting on the cybermap."

9 p.m. EST, Thursday

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