Friday, September 10, 2004


Somewhere, beyond the weekend

All this weekend on you can hear repeats of great Cotolo Chronicles programs as KMA Entertainment presents a Cotolo weekend, by popular demand. This means the broadcasts of Chronicles from the past, including cafes. So check in sometime, anytime, because the stream will be running all the time.


Want to know more about Bobby Darin? We spoke of the late, great performer, cut down in the prime of two great careers, on our Sept. 9 show. Check him out, on the net, somewhere beyond the sea at ...


Some people have been asking about our penultimate statement at the end of each show. That is, "Goodnight, Mrs. Ernstwhile, where ever you are." The reference is to a character in the Cotolo novel, License To Skill. That book is not for sale, but its chapters may still be posted in archives on the internet, at

Don't forget --

Chronicles Weekend with Cotolo and the crew, Sept. 11 and Sept. 12 at

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