Tuesday, September 14, 2004


No film at eleven or any time ...

Here is the cultural-climate report for Tuesday, Sept. 14.

One of the original Star Trek cast members—Walter Koenig (Chekov) turns 68 today and everyone thought he was older or dead already.

Oprah (why even write her last name any longer?) returned to her TV show having lost more weight than a blowfish in a twine factory and performing a bogus feat of generosity. Everybody in her audience got a new car, 276 midsize Pontiac G6's fresh off the assembly line—each worth $28,400. Total value: more than $7 million. But it was noted the cars were courtesy of Pontiac. So, she didn’t have to cough up the $7 million pocket change she had in her purse.

The U.S. government still cannot figure out what North Korea blew up to cause a mushroom bomb, even though North Korean officials swear they were blowing up mushrooms.

A recent report indicated that not only doesn’t the U.S. know where bin-Laden might be but that bin-Laden himself is confused about where he may be.

Cotolo Chronicles was the first “media” department that indicated John Kerry’s face is similar to Herman Munster’s face, that is, Fred Gwynne (R.I.P.) in makeup.

Watching a recent concert by Paul Simon was cringe worthy. Not because of the musical performance but because Paul is doing stupid things with his hands and fingers when he is not playing guitar. Plus, no matter what he looks like under that baseball cap, he should lose it.

The expiration of the 10-year-old ban on 19 types of assault weapons drove up business at some gun stores. It was an automatic reaction.

Ivan The Terrible is a storm on a collision course with America. Floridians may be spared this storm. Cajuns may not be so fortunate, although they are better accordion players than Floridians will ever be.

Fred Ebb is dead. We must all be in awe of any person who can make a good living being a lyricist.

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